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Sizmek's annual Benchmarks Report, detailing the key trends in digital advertising over the last year is finally here.

The report, called “Breaking Boundaries: Engagement Gone Global”, was compiled by an analysis of more than 913 billion ad impressions worldwide for 2013. We’re serious about our data here!

The report revealed three key trends in digital worldwide, which are:
  1. Engagement increased globally for rich media as advertisers, agencies and publishers embrace standardized high-impact formats (examples include the IAB’s Rising Stars and Sizmek Blocks).
  2. HTML5 emerged as an important asset in the advertiser’s arsenal, breaking boundaries with new creative elements and expanding potential reach to mobile devices that don’t support Flash.
  3. Interactive video gained steam in mature markets (North America, Europe and Australia) and is poised to go global in 2014.
The Benchmarks also include insights into digital trends we expect to take hold in the coming year.
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